For the love of pizza

Pizza Co. demonstration

Run your pizza shop

Run your own pizza shop! Learn math and business by cooking pizza and calculating change to keep your customers happy.

Ages 6–12iPadiPhoneFire

Learn money with math

After every pie, you take payment. Learn addition, subtraction, and fraction skills — and the more popular your pizza shop gets, the greater the challenge!

Pick up nonverbal communication

Learn nonverbal cues from the reactions of your customers. A grumpy face means an unsatisfied foodie — but a smile tells you you’ve got a happy customer!

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.
— Diane Ackerman

Grow your own business

Give your kids a taste for how to run and manage a business. Use the money you earned to buy different upgrades and decorations to customize your shop.

Pizza Co. demonstration

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The perfect add-on to your Osmo system.

Ages 6–12iPadiPhoneFire

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